Anàssa proposes a range of services to support diverse projects and organisations

Event Planning

Specialists in event planning, Anàssa can be a precious partner in the organisation of events.

Conferences, workshops, artistic events and festivals are projects that the organisation has the know-how and expertise to ensure that your objectives are ment.

Artistic & Creative works

Anàssa has a excellent connections with artists of different fields.

If you are searching for a band, a photographer, an author, a composer or even a journalist we are able to connect the dots and bring you closer to the creative talent you are looking for.

Administrative Support

Artistic projects need an administrative support for funding research, author's rights, contracts and financial follow up.

Anàssa has a team that have the knowledge to provide the support and the necessary advice to realise your objectives.

Communication Services

A well thought communication strategy is a key element on a healthy collaboration both inside an organisation or project but also outwards in order to transmit a clear and comprehensive message to the audience and the society.

Whether you are looking for an efficient way to exchange and work with your colleagues or partners or wishing to communicate clearly and efficiently, Anàssa can help you understand your needs and build a strategy that will fit your project.