n. [anássa] f Greek word:«breath»

I. breathe, inhale, a new beginning, taking the time to savor the moment

II. To inspire, to get inspired, to encourage creativity and collective sharing

III. The process of being alive, simple yet complicated, unnoticeable yet essential

Anàssa is a collective of persons, artists, scientists, social workers, activists, cultural professionals, teachers, students, committed citizens, thinkers, travellers, explorers ...

Independent minds who identify themselves by their values and generosity of spirit, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

The non profit organisation aims to be the link between persons, organisations and audiences to connect the dots between likeminded individuals and provoke experiences, projects and outcomes that inspire and expand our understanding of the world as it is now.

Since 2014, Anàssa’s team, volunteers and board are collaborating to design, produce and share projects, events and research. Our objective is to use our knowledge to the benefit of all in order to contribute to the building of a healthier society of tomorrow.

Throughout its journey, Anàssa has met in her path several persons specialised in their field that have become advisors in different subjects. These advisors are contributing as volunteers on the general reflection of the organisation but also offer their services on specific projects.

As the team and board is mostly persons with a long experience in the artistic and cultural field, the services provided by the organisation are also focused on event planning, artistic and creative works; administrative support and communication services.

Social inclusion, environmental consciousness and creative expression are concepts that are deeply rooted in the values of the organisation.