PLUG – Version 2.5

PLUG – Version 2.5

“PLUG Version 2.5” is a landmark meeting for the youth workers of the European project created 2012 called “PLUG European Electronic Music Conference”, supported by the European Union through the Youth in Action programme.

“PLUG European Electronic Music Conference” aims to bring together young Europeans under 30 years old that share a passion for electronic music in order to exchange knowledge, collaborate and improve their skills.

The last edition of this conference included workshops that were lead by the team leaders of different countries as well as invited speakers that presented different aspects of the electronic music and its industry. The workshops that took place addressed several subjects such as: the presentation of Ableton specialised software in music production and the teaching of its usage, methodology and organisation of music festivals and other cultural events and even a Do It Yourself workshop to build a mixing console.

After two successful edition of “PLUG European Electronic Music Conference” in Berlin – Germany (2012) and in Nicosia – Cyprus (2014), the different team leaders have decided to organise a new meeting, “PLUG Version 2.5” . This meeting aims to reinforce the knowledge of the team leaders in the organisation of European projects, the coordination of a team and the different tools that are provided by the European Union to reinforce in-formal learning (such as the Youthpass) in order to improve the future editions of this conference and find innovative ways to exchange knowledge and encourage collaboration between the European youth.

This meeting is focused in the training of the team leaders of the countries that have been participating in this project since its beginnings in order to exchange knowledge, share experiences, acquire European tools in European project management and include innovative modules and activities in the future conferences thanks to the participation in the speeches of inspirational persons organised in European Lab.

8 teams, 7 countries and 20 participants were present in this meeting. The participants are becoming themselves the ambassadors of this meeting by transmitting all they learned to their countries and teams.