Assemblée Général - Annual Meeting


 Bar Melville

Lyon, France - 18 November 2022

The last week of October 2022, 20 young people from France, Romania, Greece and Cyprus met in the beautiful city of Timisoara, Romania for the final phase of the project Music Community.

The aim of the project Music Community is the design of new innovative activities for young people using methods of informal learning and digital tools. These tools are designed specifically to facilitate young people to release social and psychological pressure. To succesfully design the different modules presented on the website of Music Community, the four organisations have contacted experts, specialised educators as well as creative profesisonnals. 

During the two years of the project, the team worked on the Music community e-platform and its content and realised two one week trainings with participants from all four countries in order to exchange experiences, learn from each others methods and approaches and test the modules developped for the platform.

The Youth Meeting in October 2022 in Timisoara, Romania was the second and last training of the project. The aim of this training was to bring together young people, artists and cultural professionnals that would discuss and explore the modules of the online platforma as well as experience workshops of non formal education around artistic expression, personal development and design and organisation of artistic and cultural projects.

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to be part of the Classical Me Summit. The first edition of a professional conference of the classical music industry with guests from all over Europe presenting the current issues of the industry and innovative ways to approach them.


Melville Bar

Lyon, France - 18 novembre 2022

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